In October 2013, Beau Idéal performed 'Land of the Eternals' to a sold out crowd, receiving a standing ovation, inside the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.  Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, Richmond Hill Mayor Dave Barrow as well as several other members of Parliament and VIPs attended the show.  Here are some of their thoughts...


"I had the pleasure of seeing a performance of Land of the Eternals, at the Richmond Hill Centre of the Performing Arts recently and can only say WOW! It was an amazing story with all elements of theatrical performance such as dance, roller blading, singing and character acting. What started out as a homecoming of Elvis Stojko to his home town turned into A spectacular entertaining evening. I would urge you to see it".  

Dave Barrow Mayor, Town of Richmond Hill, ON, Can



"It was a great pleasure to attend the Land of the Eternals performance at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.  This dynamic performance captivated the audience with dance, rollerblading and showcased the passion of the performers!  I would definitely recommend this show to everyone!"

MP Costas Menegakis, Town of Richmond Hill, ON, Can



"Last night will never be forgotten!  It was one of the most beautiful shows I have ever seen and the audience loved it.  Thank you for your passion and commitment to the show"

Michael Grit, Theatre Manager, Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.




"Beau Ideal Productions is the perfect marriage of skills that take a lifetime and original material. In their most recent production, I was wowed by the use of figure skating movements on the stage with inline skates and the original story that carried the show. I am a person who appreciates the integration of traditional styles with something a little different on the stage. Beau Ideal, under founder Roselle Doyle's careful eye delivers on both counts."

 PJ Kwong - PA announcer at World and Olympic figure skating events, international figure skating coach





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