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No More 'Fluff'

Posted on November 29, 2019 at 11:25 AM

To the entire skating community, actually, to the entire performing world, whether it be athletic or artistic… I have a great deal or respect for all of you and your work ethic no matter what title or duties you have — but sadly, for some time now, as a career choreographer, determined to help each and every person, team, or club to the best of my ability, I have not felt that respect returned.


For years I’ve been helping individuals from all arenas of performance (and different levels of physical abilities), move with greater fluidity, stronger lines, emotional connection and musicality — all within the short time frame I’m allotted.


I have devoted my entire professional life honing my craft as a choreographer, spending hours upon hours finding new ways to translate the motions created from my own blood, sweat, and tears to those I’ve been hired to help.


Today, with nothing but positivity in my intentions, I have to address the insulting energy connected to the commonly used phrase: “Add some more fluff into this program, which is asked of me repeatedly.

Fluff, in entertainment/writing circles is perceived as trivial or superficial… in sporting/acting circles, fluff is the failure to perform successfully — basically it’s asking me to create something of little substance or consequence.


So now, after a having to sit alone with my thoughts for the past few days trying to get over a serious bout with allergies, I’ve decided I’ve had enough of hearing it.


When you ask me to add ‘fluff' to your skaters’ programs, on my end, it involves: assessing their body type, style, musicality, skating skills and abilities, as well as learning their existing movement - to be able to add the correct upper body movement to match their body type and give them the most flattering lines - making their movement look smooth and effortless, adding in sentiment to their movement, all while keeping the musically and timing of elements that were not laid out by me.

You’re asking me to go and fix a story I am not connected to and know nothing of yet bring something to it to make it pop — the exact opposite of trivial, superficial, and lacking in substance.


So please, and I ask this with love & light and complete respect for what you do for your athlete, team or club — the next time you’d like to me to work with one of your existing programs, I’m more than honoured and happy to add, magnify, rework, or doctor ‘upper body movement’, ‘artistry’ or ‘physical storytelling’ — it’s what I love to do…


… but if you want ‘fluff’ — go check your dryer’s lint filter, because I take pride in what I do for the artistic, athletic, and performing community.