Creatively combining storytelling with skating, dancing, acting, music, visual arts and more!


We are Beau Idéal, a theatrical skating & performance company dedicated to ice and stage show excellence and artistry.

Founded by Montreal native and Choreographer/Performer Roselle Doyle, Beau Idéal's aim is to greatly showcase the magic of the performance side of skating and dancing - the artistic, entertaining side. 

Our productions take spectators on exciting journeys and offer a blend of unique and creative storytelling, carefully selected music and original choreography.  Featured in our shows are a cast of world renowned professional figure skaters, dancers, actors, musicians and other performers.  With this combination, Beau Idéal desires to create a new era of live show entertainment!

Beau Idéal presents a mixture of both large scale ice and stage shows and smaller - more intimate showcase performances - for all types of events, creating opportunities for different performing artists to work together and share their art through their own personal form of expression.  

All off-ice skating is done on revolutionary inline wheels that closely match the look and feel of a figure skate. 

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