Roselle Doyle - Professional Show Choreography Reel

Beginning's End - A short film

'Beginning's End' - a short film by Glen and Roselle Doyle

Land of the Eternals - Reel

'Land of the Eternals' demo reel:

Toronto Canadian National Exhibition Skating and Acrobatic Show, 2015

Skating choreography by Roselle Doyle

'Twas that Night' Christmas Show at Busch Gardens, VA

Choreographed by Roselle Doyle, Directed by Sandra Bezic, Produced by ISF Ent.

Roselle Doyle -  skating

Roselle Doyle - skating reel

Roselle Doyle and Ryan Shollert 

Skating together in Land of the Eternals on stage:

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Fiona Zaldua and Dmitry Zukhanov - Land of the Eternals

'the Lovers'...


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